Garden Pests: How to Manage Corn Borers in Your Garden

Corn Borers blog post
Corn borers are the caterpillar of a yellowish-brown moth with dark, wavy bands across the wings. The borer usually has a bit of a pale pink color. The eggs are whitish-yellow and laid in clusters on the underside of the leaves.

Treatment Options:

  • Use the organic pesticide, BTK (bacillus thuringiensis Kurstaki). BTK is a naturally occurring microorganism that sickens and kills caterpillars without harming butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects. There are varied opinions regarding the safety of BTK, but it’s classified as an organic treatment and is certainly safer than using a more toxic pesticide.
  • Beneficial insects such as trichogramma wasps, lady bugs, and lacewings can help to fight against the corn borer eggs.

Plants to Watch for:

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corn borer

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