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💰   Save $$$  & Eat Healthier by Growing Your Own Fruits, Herbs, and Vegetables

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⚕️   Our Growing for Health™ feature shows you plants that help you take control of your health!

📅   Customized Dates Based on Your GPS Location to Ensure You're Planting at the Right Time

🌱   View Varieties for Each Plant & Purchase Seeds / Transplants Directly from Burpee, One of the Most Trusted Names in Seeds (Use Code STS2019 for 10% off!)

🐛   Identify Garden Pests and Get Rid of Them w/o Pesticide 

📹   Weekly Videos and Blog Posts Straight From Our Urban Oklahoma Food Farm

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We Started Growing Food in 2015


& We Put Everything We've Learned Into Our FREE Garden Planner App!

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Growing Food & the Lifestyle Changes Associated Radically Changed Our Lives

We wanted to make an app to make it easy for anyone to grow food, and our purpose is much larger than $.

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March Giveaway Copy

April Giveaway! – Enter to Win Smart Pots, a Burpee Gift Card, & a Seeding Square!

We’re running a contest and giving away a backyard vegetable garden prize pack from Burpee & Smart Pots! Thank you to Smart Pots and Burpee for sponsoring this month’s giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive a Smart Pots Big Bag Bed Jr, a 20 gallon Smart Pot, a $25 gift card from Burpee, and a Seeding Square!

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How to Manage Pests for Tomatoes Organically in Your Backyard Vegetable Garden

Tomatoes are fun to grow and even more fun to eat! The wide usage of tomatoes makes this one of our favorite things to grow in the garden. Bush tomatoes (or determinate tomatoes) only grow to 3 or 4 feet tall, but they bush out and require caging. Vining tomatoes (or indeterminate tomatoes) grow indefinitely until it freezes. Because of this, they require trellising on a tall support structure. Beware of the tomato hornworm, though. […]

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How to Manage the Most Common Pests for Blackberries Organically in Your Backyard Vegetable Garden

Blackberry bushes are fairly easy to grow and are well worth the reward! Luckily there are few pests that bother these bushes and many organic options to help manage them! Birds can be both a pest and an ally in the garden. Birds help with pest control eating a wide variety of insects including aphids, caterpillars, mosquitos, and spiders. On the downside, they will also steal seeds and eat your tomatoes! Treatment Options: You can […]

OKC Home + Garden Show Cooking Show

Cooking a Whole Chicken, DIY Broth, & Fried Rice with Garden Vegetables @ Home + Garden Show

Dale & Carrie gave a cooking demonstration at the 2019 OKC Home + Garden Show and showed they make a whole chicken in an Instant Pot, then use that chicken to make broth. They also show how to make rice using the broth, ultimately resulting in a delicious chicken stir fry! See the full recipe:  

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Who We Are

Hi! We’re Dale & Carrie Spoonemore and we decided in spring of 2015 that we wanted to start growing most of the vegetables our family of 6 eats. It’s been an incredible journey and we’ve learned a lot along the way. We want to share what we’ve learned and show how we transformed our backyard from an urban lawn into a sustainable and efficient organic food farm. Growing your own food doesn’t have to be difficult and we’re here to show how you can grow your own organic produce economically, efficiently, and sustainably. Click here to read more about how we did it all!

Why We Grow

We originally wanted to start growing our own food so we could eat healthier and save money. Dale’s mission to defeat anxiety and depression is another large reason why we got started. However, we quickly discovered there are many more benefits. We’ve found that the food that comes out of our garden tastes better than what we typically find in the grocery store! We also love being able to walk outside and harvest dinner each night. We’ve found that we eat much healthier when we have a constant supply of organic vegetables coming right from our own backyard. 

What We’re Doing

We’re here to show you that it isn’t difficult to start growing your own food. Here’s a blog post that explains how we decided to start From Seed to Spoon. Check out our  blog  and see what we’re growing, how we’re preparing it, and how we’re preserving it for future use. Watch our  videos  to see how we’ve transformed our backyard into a food farm and learn how you can too!

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