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Brooklyn and Daphney: The Cooking Bakers


Back in 2014, Brooklyn and Daphney were obsessed with The Kids Baking Championship show and they wanted to start recording shows of their own. We did a few of them and eventually, they lost interest and moved on to something else. They’ve been wanting to record more videos again and I stumbled on some of their videos the other day. I thought they’d fit in well with From Seed to Spoon and wanted to share.

Originally recorded October 8, 2014

Join Brooklyn and Daphney in their first episode of “Brooklyn and Daphney: The Cooking Bakers” as they show how easy it is for kids to make their own delicious smoothie!



Originally recorded October 8th, 2014

Join the girls as Brooklyn teaches Daphney how to make Mac & Sauce, their favorite Mac & Cheese alternative.


Originally recorded January 23, 2016

Brooklyn and Daphney show how to make baby smoothies and their baby sister Marianne makes her debut appearance!


Originally recorded January 23, 2016

Brooklyn and Daphney take on their biggest challenge yet as they make chocolate cupcakes with a homemade ice cream topping!






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