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5 Ways Gardening Benefits Someone in Recovery

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Gardening not only serves the purpose of growing fresh food to nourish your body, but is also known to have a variety of healing effects on the mind and body. It is being increasingly accepted as a holistic approach to aid in addiction treatment and boost mental health. 

Gardening can help lower stress, increase self-esteem, and decrease anxiety while enhancing overall mental and physical health. For those in recovery from addiction, learning healthy ways to cope with negative emotions and effectively treat mental health is essential to maintaining sobriety. Here are five ways that gardening can benefit someone in recovery.

1. Gardening Improves Mental Health.

Nearly half of the individuals who suffer from addiction have a co-occurring mental health disorder and many who are in recovery struggle with their mental health on a daily basis, making it imperative to treat and cope with symptoms of mental health in sobriety. Gardening is a healthy activity to cope with anxiety and depression, as immersion in nature is beneficial to your mental health. Spending time in a garden can reduce the amounts of cortisol in the brain, a chemical that is directly related to stress and depression, to help you relieve stress and feel happier. There are also are many specific plants you can grow to promote mental health!