Eat Your Thinned Down Seedlings!

Thinned Down Seedlings

When planting indoors we typically place 2-3 seeds in each section to see which one will do the best. We then go back in after they start growing to thin the seedlings down to the recommended space. We use these thinned down seedlings as “microgreens”. Not only are they extremely tasty, but very nutritious as well!

Help Your Seedlings Transition Outdoors Before You Transplant by Hardening Off:

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One thought on “Eat Your Thinned Down Seedlings!

  1. I would not have though to use them for greens. I do not get any in starting trays because almost all of what we grow gets sown directly into the garden. However, they must be thinned in the same manner. I have a bad habit of planting them on the perimeters of the garden, as if no one will notice if they get crowded.

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