Oregano blog post

How to Grow & When to Plant Oregano in Your Backyard or Container Garden!

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Oregano is a very popular herb, often added to Italian dishes. Not only will this herb add an ornamental touch to your garden, but it will also be easy to use in the kitchen once it’s been harvested. Oregano is also known as one of the best companion plants for the garden, with its strong scent helping to keep pests away from other plants.

Garlic blog post

How to Grow & When to Plant Garlic in Your Backyard or Container Vegetable Garden!

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Garlic is one of our favorite things to grow and eat. We add it to almost every meal for both its flavor and its nutrients. Typically, it’s planted in the fall, will go dormant through the winter, and then will come back in the spring to be harvested in the summer! However, you can also plant it early in the spring if you missed planting in the fall. You may not end up with bulbs as large as fall-planted, but you’ll still get garlic!