Bush Beans blog post

How to Grow Your Own Green Beans (Bush)!

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You can grow beans as snap beans, shell beans or dry beans. They are extremely easy to grow and will always be a staple on our garden. We plant new rounds of them every 3 weeks from spring until the end of summer. How to Grow: Bush beans can be planted as soon as the last spring frost has occurred until 10 weeks before first fall frost. In milder climates, bush beans can be planted […]

Corn Borers blog post

How to: Manage Corn Borers in Your Garden

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Corn borers are the caterpillar of a yellowish-brown moth with dark, wavy bands across the wings. The borer usually has a bit of a pale pink color. The eggs are whitish-yellow and laid in clusters on the underside of the leaves.   Treatment Options: Use the organic pesticide, BTK (bacillus thuringiensis Kurstaki). BTK is a naturally occuring microorganism that sickens and kills caterpillars without harming butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects. There are varied opinions […]