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How We Use Our Compost Tumbler to Make Potting Soil Mix!

These compost tumblers haven’t been very useful for making compost, but they’re great for making soil mix! Watch this short video to learn how we made your own potting mix for our oregano plant!

Check out Prairie Wind Nursery for a huge selection of culinary herbs. The owner is a plant geek like me and has been cultivating cooking herbs for 30+ years!

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Growing a GIANT Cabbage! Brooklyn’s School Project: Part 1

Brooklyn came home with a cabbage plant for a contest they’re having at school to see who can grow the largest giant cabbage. This video shows how she’s planning to win! Link to larger Smart Pot shown in video – http://amzn.to/2C2S3kR Link to smaller Smart Pot shown in video – http://amzn.to/2ENkxlh

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Planting Brooklyn’s Fall Garden of Carrots, Yellow Beans, Green Beans, and Chives!

We built the kids a 3×3 flower bed when we first started and this year we gave them an additional 4×4 bed for veggies. Their spring bed didn’t do so well, but they’ve learned from their mistakes and are ready to start over with a fall bed of carrots, beans, and chives.

This video shows how we cleaned the bed out, added compost, and Brooklyn plants the entire bed by herself!

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Planting Carrots, Beets and Lettuce with All the Kids!

We’ve had an unexpected cool-down in August and it’s been wonderful. We’ve started planting our fall season crops and the kids planted carrots, beets, and lettuce this weekend. We also let Junior play out in the garden for the first time and caught his first time standing on camera!

We’ll be planting more of this as well as other fall crops like cabbage, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, spinach, kale, garlic, peas, and beans over the coming weeks.

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Brooklyn and Daphney: The Cooking Bakers

Back in 2014, Brooklyn and Daphney were obsessed with The Kids Baking Championship show and they wanted to start recording shows of their own. We did a few of them and eventually, they lost interest and moved on to something else. They’ve been wanting to record more videos again and I stumbled on some of their videos the other day. I thought they’d fit in well with From Seed to Spoon and wanted to share. Originally

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Broccoli, Cabbage, and Handling Pests for Both

This video shows us planting broccoli and cabbage and talks about strategies we use to deal with cabbage worms. They wreaked havoc on our garden last spring and we’re being more proactive about preventing them this year.  Here’s more information on how to use BT to prevent cabbage worm problems! We typically order it on Amazon in bulk and to save money.

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