Vegetable/Fruit Juice
These vegetable/fruit juices are incredible because you can continue to switch it up to get different tastes and keep staying healthy! Try all sorts of combinations!
  1. Collect all ingredients you wish to use. You may experiment on different mixtures or add more/less of different fruits and vegetables.
  2. Prepare chosen fruits and vegetables by cleaning and peeling/chopping food.
  3. Run chosen fruits and vegetables through the juicer.
  4. Enjoy your drink as-is or pour over ice to cool.
  5. Make sure to collect and save the pulp from the juicer to put in your compost!
  6. Place unused juice in the refrigerator in a mason jar to enjoy later in the day! Make sure you use it within 24 hours, assuming it lasts that long since it’s so tasty! 🙂
Recipe Notes

Items used in this recipe:

Breville juicer:

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