Q&A: What Do You Do With Frozen Peppers?

Q&A_ Frozen Peppers

Q: What do you do with the frozen peppers that you preserve?


A: We use these peppers in so many ways! Since they are already diced and ready to go in the freezer bag, I simply freezepeppers2grab a bag when I’m ready to use it and take 1-2 spoonfuls out. I typically add them into hot oil and sauté them with onions and garlic. I will then use this combination to so many of our dishes!

I use this to add flavor to ground meat. It is also great to add into a quesadilla or vegetables! Such an easy way to add some flavor to your meal!


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How to Preserve Peppers

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  1. Freezing really is the best way to preserve peppers. Canning them is like trying to can zucchini! However, surplus do make nice sweet pickles. Once cut into long strips, they pack nicely.

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