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Q&A: How do I know how much water my plants need?

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Q: How do I know how much water my plants need?

A: Watering can be one of the trickiest parts to growing food. Watering too often can lead to oxygen-starved roots, and too little water can lead to wilted and dead plants. The amount you need to water can vary greatly between climates, seasons, and weather. Generally, you can’t really go wrong making sure your garden receives a good soaking at least twice a week. You can back down to once a week during cool seasons and you may have to up it more in really hot conditions.

This is one of the areas we are working to make things easier for you. Future versions of this application will be able to calculate rainfall near you and guide you through watering based on those amounts. Until then, we have our gardens set to be watered from automatic timers that I adjust throughout the season based on all the factors above. Click here to see our DIY PVC irrigation system.

We’ve also built automatic drip irrigation systems with commercial drip products and they’ve worked very well and allow you to water more at a time than the PVC system. Click here to see a video showing how to bu