Seed Starting

Our Favorite Seed Starting Supplies

Our Favorite Gardening Supplies

Starting your own seeds is one of the easiest ways to save money when growing food. You also get a lot more choice over which varieties you can grow since you aren’t limited to what’s typically found in the nursery. We started growing our own seeds our second year of gardening and have tried lots of different methods and products. Over the years we’ve found a number of great products that have helped us start our own seeds hassle free. Here are our favorites!

When we first started, we bought the cheapest plant trays we could find from a local nursery. We can usually make them last a couple of times, but inevitably we always end up cracking or breaking them.

Then we discovered these bootstrap farmer trays and we’re blown away by the difference! These trays are super heavy duty and last many, many years. We’ve since switched all of our trays over to these and it’s been great!

We buy the solid 1020 trays and place the slotted 1010 trays inside of them. This makes watering easy because we simply lift up the slotted tray and fill below. This method works great for microgreens!

You can also switch out the trays with slotted cell trays in them for separating individual plants and starting seeds.