Live Stream: How to Start Growing Food Using Our Free App!

In case you missed it we held a free live webinar this past week! Lots of people are just getting started growing their own food so there were many questions about how to get started!

We covered and explained 4 easy steps to get started growing your own food! 

Dale had the app pulled up next to him showing pieces of the app and how it can help you while growing as well. If you don’t already have the free From Seed to Spoon app for iOS and Android make sure to check it out! 

How to manage various pests was also discussed. We even had our own pest that found its way in our house during this live stream which created a bit of drama in the middle! HAHA!!

Lots of great topics were also discussed in the chat during the live stream as well so make sure to have the live chat pulled up while listening as well for helpful tips and tricks!