Join us at the Health & Wellness Roundtable Free Event @ Prairie Wind Nursery!

Health & Wellness Roundtable

Come join us at the Health & Wellness Roundtable at Prairie Wind Nursery on February 2, 2019!

When: February 2, 1pm-4pm
Where: Prairie Wind Nursery

929 Goodman Lane
Norman, OK 73026
Ph: 405-579-8846


Join us for this Free day of knowledge and motivation. A health and wellness event based on what YOU make it!

Visit with our host Bill Farris of Prairie Wind Nursery to learn how he healed and halted his Lyme disease with the help of a holistic doctor and her knowledge in diet change that gave him his life back.

Hear the amazing story of Dale Spoonemore of From Seed to Spoon on how he started his urban garden to help battle his anxiety, depression and weight. He will also share information about his FREE app that helps you grow your own healthy foods!

Chat with Angela Wallace of Wallace Homestead LLC and how balancing career & homesteading challenges her as well as helps with her illness and pain.

Chat with Blaze Baxter of Bad Baxter Farm & learn why she started her health & wellness based homestead journey from nutrition coach to growing & raising healthy foods to help heal her autoimmune disease .

Hear an amazing and motivational transformation story from Ashley Mills of The Paleo Okie who has revamped her way of eating with great success.

No sales gimmicks, no magic pills, just knowledge and information from real, passionate people who discuss what is working for them. Chat with us, tell us your stories & struggles, ask questions, how to get started “growing” your health in the space you have and win your health back in 2019!

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