Garden Pests: How to Manage Squirrels in Your Garden

Squirrels blog post
These small rodents can be challenging and can destroy a garden! They can be pesky, so trial and error is important to see what works best for your visitors.

Treatment Options:

  • Stationing a fake owl or scarecrows around the garden are helpful tricks to scare away squirrels. Be sure to move them around every day or so, or they might figure out your trick!
  • A motion-activated sprinkler in the problem areas can help to scare away your squirrels as well.
  • Squirrels are scared of larger predators. Applying blood meal around the perimeter of your garden has been shown to deter small mammals. Squirrel repellent, fox urine granules, or even human hair and urine can help to deter them as well.
  • Cats and dogs are effective hunters of squirrels and other small rodents! Even just their smell and presence in the yard can help to keep them out of your gardens.
  • Squirrels dislike strong and spicy smells. Try making an apple cider vinegar spray or sprinkle cayenne pepper around your garden.
  • There are also ultrasonic pest repellers that you place in the ground that send vibrations out to scare them away.
  • If all else fails, you can also set up a live animal cage trap.

Plants to Specifically Watch:

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