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How to Manage Sawflies Organically in Your Backyard Garden!

Sawflies blog post

The sawfly larvae can be quite a nuisance for fruit trees and bushes. The flies (which look similar to wasps, but don’t sting) are hardly seen, but lay their eggs in the late spring in the leaves of trees. The larvae will then emerge in the summer looking similar to slugs. These can cause serious damage at this stage and take down an entire tree if left unchecked!

Treatments Include:

  • Adult sawflies can lay dormant within a cocoon in your soil over winter. Clean out any overwintering material and till soil.
  • Simply handpick sawfly larvae from undersides of leaves and place in soapy bucket of water.
  • Spray undersides of leaves with hose careful to not destroy your leaves. The larvae will be stuck at the base and shouble be unable to crawl back up.
  • Put your beneficial predators to work! Ants, predatory wasps, lizards, and frogs can prey upon these sawfly larvae. Learn about how to attract them by clicking the links above or in the beneficials tab of our free app!
  • Diatomaceous earth can also be laid down around your garden to help get rid of them.

Plants to Specifically Watch:

  • Sawflies will typically attack fruit trees and berry bushes in your gardens. The most common of which are plums, pears, and cherries.