Garden Pests: How To Manage Pillbugs (Roly Polys) in Your Backyard Vegetable Garden

Pillbug blog post
Pillbugs, often called Roly Polys, can be commonly found in your garden. They are typically only a pest if there is an excess of them. These crustaceans are very important in the decomposition process in your garden. They like to feed primarily upon decaying matter but can also feed on seedlings or fruits/vegetables sitting on the ground if there is a lot in your garden.

Treatment Options:

  • Clear out any decaying matter in your garden, leaves, and fallen fruit or vegetables.
  • Trellis plants that can be to get their fruit off the ground.
  • Diatomaceous earth can be used to help prevent pillbug infestation.

Pillbugs will typically leave healthy adult plants alone especially if they are not sitting directly on the ground. Watch your baby seedlings or plants (such as strawberries) that have fruits or vegetables sitting on the ground.


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