How to Manage Nematodes in Your Backyard Garden!

Nematodes blog post
Nematodes, also known as roundworms, can be a microscopic problem living in your soil. They are transparent and unsegmented worms. This blog post will discuss how to manage nematodes in your backyard garden.

Treatment Options:

  • The best treatment for nematodes is prevention! Practicing crop rotation from year to year is essential.
  • Simply tilling the soil over multiple times throughout the fall and winter months can help to prevent these infestations.
  • Adding in new organic matter (compost) when you replant helps to keep nematodes at bay.
  • Burn & turn is a term used commonly to get rid of these types of pests in the soil. When your soil is empty of vegetative growth, turn your soil and use a flame thrower to burn the top layer of the soil. If you do not have a flame thrower you can use a dark color plastic sheet to cover over the summer months to heat the temperature of the soil up to a high enough temperature to kill the nematodes.

Plants to Especially Watch:

Virtually any plant can be susceptible to these nematodes since they dwell in the soil!


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  1. Neem Oil works good for flushing them out as well…. a flame thrower is not kid friendly and not your best option. However the app is very helpful and the most exciting and brilliant thing I have found yet !!!! I’m amazed and completely happy to have come across it 🙂 thank you

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