How to: Manage Groundhogs/Woodchucks in Your Garden

Groundhogs (Woodchucks) blog post
These small mammals, called groundhogs or woodchucks, love to eat all the greens in your garden. It is important to keep them out of your garden to protect your food! Repelling woodchucks can be challenging, but there are many natural ways to go about it.

Treatment Options:

  • Woodchucks are scared of larger predators. You can buy fox urine granules or animal repellent which helps to repel them. Along this same line, you can also go out and pee in your garden or collect your urine in your house. I know it sounds gross, but it does help to repel them!
  • Setting out a small animal trap to catch them is an option.
  • Setting up a motion-activated sprinkler can help scare them away.
  • Cats and dogs are effective hunters of small rodents! Even just their smell and presence in the yard can help to keep them out of your gardens.

Plants to Especially Watch:

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