How to: Manage Cucumber Beetles in Your Garden

Cucumber Beetles blog post
Cucumber beetles look similar to ladybugs. They can either be spotted or striped with yellow and black coloring. The adults feed on stems, foliage, and flowers. The larvae weaken the plant by feeding on the roots. They also spread bacterial wilt and squash mosaic virus.

Treatment Options:

Plants to Especially Watch:

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13 thoughts on “How to: Manage Cucumber Beetles in Your Garden

  1. Here in Florida, I get pickle worms. They devastate my cucumber crop so much, I just get a few early fruits, and then the crop is done for. That’s even with daily scrutiny and picking off found culprits. Any tips on dealing with this pest? My only solution so far is to grow a parthenogenic variety inside my pool screen. So far, that is working! The only other solution I’ve heard is to cover the crop at night; but then I’d have to uncover every day for pollinators. That is doomed to fail.

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