Critters: How Green Lacewings Help Your Garden by Eating Bad Bugs!

Lacewings blog post

Lacewings are light green with long skinny antennae and almost transparent wings and are a great helper for your garden. Lacewings love to eat insects and can eat over 200 aphids in a week! They also can prey on other soft-bodied insects such as mites, thrips, whiteflies, and small caterpillars.

How to Attract or Encourage:

  • First off, make sure that you do not use any pesticides in your garden! This can harm your beneficials as well as your pests.
  • Lacewings are attracted to caraway, coreopsis, cosmos, dill, fennel, queen anne’s lace, tansy, and yarrow.
  • Lacewings can be purchased on Amazon or sometimes bought at your local nursery. It is best to release lacewings next to an infestation to help encourage them to feed on your aphids and stay in your garden. Release approximately 1 lacewing egg per 1 square foot of garden space.

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