One thought on “Who We Are & What We Are Doing

  1. I really need to get back to you regarding this endeavor. I do not remember what I said about it earlier, or even if I ever responded at all. As you know California has more climate zones and unique growing environments than most of the inland regions of North America combined. Santa Clara County alone has more climate zones than all of Oklahoma. That is precisely why I started writing twenty years ago, for my specific climate, and other regions to the south with similar climates. It is very specific, and not necessarily relevant to other places in California. Creating an ‘app’ for gardening would be more practical in Oklahoma, because such information would be practical for a much larger area. Doing the same for the West would be much more involved. I do not intend to say that it is impossible. It is just more involved than it is in other regions. Even the types of fruits and vegetables we grow is distinctive to a specific region, and quite different from other regions.

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