Tomatoes: Mistakes & Lessons Learned


Out of everything I’ve grown, tomatoes have given me the most trouble. This video talks about the mistakes I made this year and what I’ve learned from them.
Lessons learned:
1. Grow in places that get afternoon shade
2. Stop single stem/aggressively pruning 

3. Grow in DIY cages

4. Stick with determinate and semi-determinate varieties that won’t outgrow them

Tomatoes: Mistakes & Lessons Learned from Summer, 2017

2 thoughts on “Tomatoes: Mistakes & Lessons Learned

  1. Tomatoes are such a challenge where we live! Between the relentless heat and the wind and the drought, gardeners really have to put on their thinking caps to outsmart the conditions. I have always planted my tomatoes in large pots, thinking that would make them portable so I could move them into the shade in the afternoon. But that created other problems, like a restricted root system, constant watering, and soil health issues that transpired into fungal diseases that worked their way up the plants. So I am going to try again this summer with your handy app to help me! I am going to plant 1) in the ground, 2) on the east side of the house so I get some afternoon shade, 3) use the right type of plant, and 4) focus on soil health. Wish me luck and lots of tomatoes!

    1. Hi Kelly! I’d love to hear how things go throughout the season and whether there’s anything we can add to the app to make it even easier! I’ve been planning my tomatoes the past few days and I’m excited to get them going again!

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