This Little Girl Saved My Life


This was me in 2009 with my first daughter, Brooklyn. I lived on a fast food diet, never exercised, and dealt with numerous health issues as a result of my lifestyle. Her birth lit within me a fire within that still drives me today to live different. I felt like it wasn’t fair for me to commit to bringing a new life into the world if I’m not doing everything I can to take care of myself. I committed myself to a new way of living and lost 120 pounds over the course of the following 12 months. Since then I’ve had ups and downs and have fallen off the wagon plenty of times. Heck, I’m trying to work off the 30 pounds I gained back over the winter as I write this! Eating healthy can be incredibly difficult, especially if you’re living on a tight budget. The pursuit of healthy living is one of my driving motivations in having our garden. Having fresh produce right outside my kitchen door has eliminated practically all excuses for not eating healthy and we tend to make much better choices now as a result!

Here’s my message to you if you’re out there reading this right now and feel the way I did back then. YOU CAN DO THIS! Healthy living is as simple as making smart decisions, one choice at a time. We’re here to help you grow your own food so the choices can become easier! Check out our blog post about how to get started!

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