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How to Manage the Most Common Pests for Carrots Organically in Your Backyard Vegetable Garden

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Carrots are tough to germinate, but are easy to take care of once they do. We love to grow all different colors and varieties, and the kids have a blast pulling them up! Luckily there are not many pesky pests to deal with for carrots and the ones they do have are fairly easy to manage organically! The carrot rust fly looks similar to the common house-fly with a dark-green body and yellow extremities and […]

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Critters: How Opossums (Possums) are Beneficial Garden Helpers!

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Opossums (or possums) are nocturnal creatures that are generally good and beneficial to have in your garden! They help to get rid of ticks, cockroaches, snakes (even venomous ones), slugs/snails, rats, mice, and insects. Opossums will generally stay away from your garden as they prefer plants that are starting to rot, so they can actually a benefit in your garden by cleaning up the rotting fruit or vegetables! Many people get intimidated when they hiss, […]