Blueberries blog post

How to Grow Blueberries!

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Blueberry bushes are a great addition to your garden! These bushes are easy to grow and care for and thrive in acidic soil. You may need to add an acidifier to the soil to help these bushes thrive in your garden. They will not produce fruit until it is a couple years old, but patience is a virtue! Enjoy these tasty berries!   How to Grow: Blueberry bushes are best planted after your last spring […]

Stinkbug blog post

How to: Manage Stinkbugs in Your Garden

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Adult stink bugs are green or brown and grow up to ¾” long; they have distinctive shield-shaped bodies.  Young stink bugs are smaller, rounder, and more colorful, with highly patterned black, red, white, and green colored bodies. When held or squished they emit a foul-smelling fluid from glands located on the thorax. It’s released as a defensive mechanism and can be a nuisance, especially, if found in clusters.  Populations peak in late summer and early […]