Beneficial Nematodes blog post

What the Nematode? How These Soil Dwellers Regulate the Underworld

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Beneficial nematodes enter pests through the skin and once they are inside they release bacteria to kill the insect. These nematodes do not harm ladybugs, earthworms, or other beneficial insects and are harmless to plants and humans. Beneficial nematodes help to control countless pests including fire ants, flea beetles, cabbage root maggots, corn earworms, cucumber beetles, onion maggots, white grubs, cutworms, and wireworms.   How to Attract or Encourage: First off, make sure that you […]

Chives blog post

How to Grow Chives!

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Chives are are one of the easiest plants to grow, and we enjoy them so much! Not only do chives taste wonderful as an addition to many meals, but they also add a unique look to your garden and can help with pest prevention.   How to Grow: Chives are a perennial plant. They can be planted indoors 10 weeks before your last spring frost and transplanted outdoors 4 weeks before your last spring frost. […]

Onion blog post

How to Grow Onions!

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Onions are a fantastic addition to any garden! We use onions in almost all of our meals, usually sauteed with garlic. We also use the green tops to add a little extra flavor to mashed potatoes, soups, eggs, nachos, and much more! How to Grow: Onions are planted 8-12 weeks before your last spring frost and 6 weeks before your first fall frost. You can see specific dates for your location using our FREE iOS, […]

Onion Fly Maggots blog post

How to: Manage Onion Fly Maggots in Your Garden

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The adult onion fly resembles the house fly, but smaller. The larvae are legless and creamy-white and will cause the plants to wilt and die.   Treatment Options: Attracting birds or parasitic wasps can help you fight these onion maggots.   Sprinkling cayenne pepper or chili pepper can help prevent the laying of eggs.   Placing insect netting (floating row covers) over your garden will help to protect your plants against the onion fly maggot. […]