Bell Peppers blog post

How to Grow Bell Peppers in Your Backyard or Patio!

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Bell peppers produce a variety of different colors and look beautiful out in your garden! These sweet peppers grow really well in the summer and thrive in our hot conditions. They are relatively pest-free and can actually help keep pests off other plants, making them a valuable companion plant. It’s easy to grow your own bell peppers with our free mobile app! Learn more in the details below.

Broccoli blog post2(1)

Why We Think About Broccoli Completely Different Than We Used To

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Broccoli is one of our favorite plants to grow in the spring and fall. Not only are the heads delicious, but the leaves add a wonderful dimension to stir fries and provide a lot of valuable nutrients. We like to plant broccoli densely directly by seed in the spring and fall then we thin them down as they grow until only the largest is left. We love to use the thinned down plants in stir-fries! […]

Why We Love Blackberries

Video: Why We Love Growing Blackberries & How We Trellis Them Super Cheap! $$$

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This video talks all about growing blackberries! Blackberry bushes are fairly easy to grow and are well worth the reward! Some blackberry bushes grow very tall and will require a trellis to help support the height. Blackberry bushes will continue to give fruit year after year, however, it usually takes 2 years for the plant to first produce berries. You can cut any canes that produce fruit at the base after the season is over since they won’t produce again.

Mint blog post

How to Grow & When to Plant Mint in Your Backyard or Container Herb Garden!

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Mint is not only easy to care for, but it grows and spreads by itself, coming back year after year. For this reason, it is best to keep mints in their own containers so they do not take over other plants in the garden. Mint has a plethora of flavors, and each of those flavors has its own plethora of uses. Popular varieties of mint include spearmint, peppermint, and chocolate mint.