Chamomile blog post

How to Grow & When to Plant Chamomile in Your Backyard Herb Garden

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Chamomile is not only a beautiful addition to your garden with its ‘daisy-like’ white and yellow flowers, but is great for its usefulness as a companion plant. Chamomile helps to repel pests from neighboring plants because of its strong smell. This blog post talks about how you can plant and grow your own chamomile with our free mobile app! How to Grow: Chamomile can be planted by seed indoors 6-8 weeks before your last spring […]

Lettuce blog post

How to Grow & When to Plant Lettuce in Your Backyard or Container Vegetable Garden!

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With all of the colors, shapes, and flavors of lettuce available, you can have a different salad every day of the week! Lettuce is adaptable to many different growing conditions but likes to stay in a cool 60 to 65 degrees. It will happily grow in the spring and fall, but you should plan to grow them in the shade during the hotter months to slow bolting.