Beneficial Nematodes blog post

What the Nematode? How These Soil Dwellers Regulate the Underworld

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Beneficial nematodes enter pests through the skin and once they are inside they release bacteria to kill the insect. These nematodes do not harm ladybugs, earthworms, or other beneficial insects and are harmless to plants and humans. Beneficial nematodes help to control countless pests including fire ants, flea beetles, cabbage root maggots, corn earworms, cucumber beetles, onion maggots, white grubs, cutworms, and wireworms.

Rhubarb blog post

How to Grow & When to Plant Rhubarb in Your Backyard or Container Garden!

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Rhubarb is a perennial vegetable that is easy to grow in certain areas. It is best grown as a perennial in climate zones 6 and cooler, but can be grown in others as an annual in the cool season in warmer climates. The plant will die back after the first frost, but will come back in early spring. Rhubarb will thrive in a cool climate and can keep giving you a harvest for up to 20 years!