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Set Custom Frost Dates, Search by Variety & a Fresh New Design in Our App!

We get a lot of requests for plants like jalapeños and other specific varieties that are actually in the app as “hot peppers”, but not searchable under that name. This is because most hot peppers have the same growing conditions with a few minor differences, and the guide for one will pretty much cover them all. This update solves this by adding variety in the search box. Now if you search for “jalapeño”, you’ll see hot peppers and can tap into there to view the details.

We also updated the UI throughout the app to be consistent with the iOS 13’s new changes. There are a number of new animations as well that should make things feel nice!

This update also includes an upgrade of the underlying architecture of our app! For those techies out there, this means we upgraded from Ionic 4 to Ionic 5 and Angular 8 to Angular 9. You should see significant improvements in speed across the app!

We also added the ability to set your own custom first spring frost and last spring frost dates.