Growing Code

Growing Code: Free Coding Class Teaching You How to Build a Mobile App

From Seed to Spoon Growing Code
Do you or someone you know want to change your life and learn how to code or build an app?
I learned how to code to start building our app 4 years ago, and it’s changed my life in so many ways! Now we’re going to help you learn how to code through our new weekly coding series on YouTube!
I’m going to teach you how to build a mobile app by re-building our garden calculator app, step by step with every line of code recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel. We’ll also be making all of the code public (open source) so you can use it to learn from as well! 
Join me and a few of my friends as we rebuild our Garden Calculator app together from the ground up! An intro video explaining more as well as the first episode is below. New episodes will be released every week until we’re finished! 
This course is geared towards someone that knows how to work their way around a computer, but has no development experience. Someone that’s played computer games, used Photoshop, Video Editing, AutoCAD, or other types of software should be able to follow along and keep up, but I welcome anyone to join and see how you can go from an idea to an app in no time! By the end of the first video, we’ll have a simple demo of our app loading and working!  🙂
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