How We Automatically Water the Children’s Home Garden with Drip Irrigation


I spent a few hours building a drip irrigation system for the children’s home garden (click here to read more about the children’s home garden project) the day before our Florida trip last month. Ironically, it rained most of the time and I wasn’t able to get a lot of video. I went back out there today to talk about the drip irrigation system and why I think it’s better than my PVC system I built at home. I also show how we’ve completely automated the children’s home garden, freeing up hours of time!

I bought the materials for this video from Home Depot and Amazon (links below video), but recently have learned about Dripworks and plan to try them out next. I haven’t used their products personally, but I’ve heard a lot of great things about them from experienced farmers I trust and their prices look considerably cheaper than other places I’ve seen. 

How We Automatically Water the Children's Home Garden

Orbit automatic watering timer (3 port)

Orbit automatic watering timer (4 port)

3/4 x 1/2 PVC Reducing Tee

1/2 PVC / Drip Tubing Adapter

Adjustable Drip Emitters

Drip irrigation tubing

Drip irrigation end clamps

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