App Update! Summer Dates, “Can Be Planted” Filter, New Plants & Pests & Lots More!

Sept App Update

We’re really excited to bring you this update! You should notice a number of visual improvements throughout the app, as well as LOTS of new features and information! You can now also support our mission of improving the way food is grown by supporting us on Patreon! A monthly $1 donation from just 10% of our users would allow us to spend 100% of our time on building software that makes growing food simple!

  • You can now view planting dates customized for your location on the plants list page!
  • We’ve also added information for growing in the summer
  • Added seed saving information to applicable plants
  • Added “Can Be Planted Now” filter that shows you everything that can currently be planted where you live
  • New Videos tab shows you videos from our Urban Oklahoma Food Farm
  • Better support for users in tropical regions that never freeze. Better support for users in the southern hemisphere.
  • Added the ability to choose your own location instead of using your GPS location
  • Added Pests: Earwigs, Stinkbugs
  • Added Plants: Apples, Artichokes, Brussel Sprouts, Rhubarb, Plums, Peaches
  • Added Beneficial: Assassin bugs
  • Updated nearly every pest or vegetable with new information

Thank you to everyone that’s downloaded the app, told your friends about it and left reviews in the App Store. We’ve been working hard on the new garden tracking features and love your feedback as we build it. You can join our live streams on our Facebook and YouTube pages to help us build it as we design the ultimate garden tracking solution!

App Update! Lots of Improvements, New Features, Plants, Pests & More!

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