Details on our DIY IBC Tote 550 Gallon Rainwater Storage

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Update: here’s a video detailing it all!

Details on Our DIY 550 Gallon IBC tote Rainwater Collection System

These are our main rainwater collection tanks that can capture up to 550 gallons from just 1″ of rain. I used 2 275 gallon IBC tanks purchased on Craigslist for $75 each. I connected them to the gutter with standard PVC pipe. The first 3 tubes on the left are a “first flush” system that filter out the first 20-30 gallons of water. I plan to build a fence around them to make it look nicer and the goal for next year is to hook them up to my PVC drip irrigation system with a soil moisture sensor connected to a computer controlling the watering schedule. I’ll be posting more details about how I built this soon.

2 thoughts on “Details on our DIY IBC Tote 550 Gallon Rainwater Storage

  1. Hey Dale,
    This was super encouraging! I’ve been searching for the part guide you mention but haven’t been able to find it on your site. Is this posted somewhere? Would love to get started replicating what you’ve done and those details would be so helpful.
    Thanks so much!

  2. question for you please. after this was installed and used did you have any issues youve had to modify. im concerned about the flow going to the second tote and how clean is the water going into the totes. your system looks great and i would expand it to 3 or 4 totes so im curious about the water flow..thanks

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