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August, 2017 Summer Garden Update/Tour (Urban Zone 7 Oklahoma Backyard Farm)

This is an update and tour of our zone 7 Oklahoma urban backyard organic food farm!


Update on Lettuce, Cabbage & Cilantro, Planting Carrots, Beans, Peas, Lettuce

This is an update on our lettuce, cabbage, and cilantro planted 7/30/2017. We also plant another round of carrots, beans, peas, and lettuce!    Here’s a link to the seeding square we used to plant in the video:  


What We’re Planting in August!

This is a list of what we’re planting in August in our zone 7 urban Oklahoma backyard food farm. Click on the name of the vegetable to view more information about growing or preparing that particular plant.

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Upcoming Events

August 26, 2017
  • FREE Workshop - See and Learn About Herbs for Cooking and Native Oklahoma Plantsand

    August 26, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am
    Prairie Wind Nursery, 929 Goodman Lane, Norman, OK, US, 73026

    Bill Farris from Prairie Wind Nursery has graciously offered to host a tour of his facility and talk about cooking herbs and native Oklahoma flowers. He specializes in growing Mediterranean herbs and native Oklahoma flowers at his nursery near Lake Thunderbird in Norman, Oklahoma. His nursery has been in business for 27 years and he has a wealth of knowledge to share!

    Here's a video we recorded while we were out at his nursery last weekend about some cilantro alternatives he carries that love the heat

    See more information about prairie wind nursery at

    See more details

Who We Are

Hi! We’re Dale & Carrie Spoonemore and we decided in spring of 2015 that we wanted to start growing most of the vegetables our family of 6 eats. It’s been an incredible journey and we’ve learned a lot along the way. We want to share what we’ve learned and show how we transformed our backyard from an urban lawn into a sustainable and efficient organic food farm. Growing your own food doesn’t have to be difficult and we’re here to show how you can grow your own organic produce economically, efficiently, and sustainably. Click here to read more about how we did it all!

Why We Grow

We originally wanted to start growing our own food so we could eat healthier and save money. Dale’s mission to defeat anxiety and depression is another large reason why we got started. However, we quickly discovered there are many more benefits. We’ve found that the food that comes out of our garden tastes better than what we typically find in the grocery store! We also love being able to walk outside and harvest dinner each night. We’ve found that we eat much healthier when we have a constant supply of organic vegetables coming right from our own backyard. 

What We’re Doing

We’re here to show you that it isn’t difficult to start growing your own food. Here’s a blog post that explains how we decided to start From Seed to Spoon. Check out our  blog  and see what we’re growing, how we’re preparing it, and how we’re preserving it for future use. Watch our  videos  to see how we’ve transformed our backyard into a food farm and learn how you can too!

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& more!

We wanted a place where we could blog about some of the ways we try to live a more natural and frugal lifestyle and the "& more!" section was born out of that idea. This is where we'll talk about how we make our own household products, how we manage cloth diapers, and other topics related to how we live.


Brooklyn and Daphney: The Cooking Bakers

Back in 2014, Brooklyn and Daphney were obsessed with The Kids Baking Championship show and they wanted to start recording shows of their own. We did a few of them and eventually, they lost interest and moved on to something else. They’ve been wanting to record more videos again and I stumbled on some of their videos the other day. I thought they’d fit in well with From Seed to Spoon and wanted to share. Originally […]


My Journey From a 340 Pound Depressed Couch Potato to a Happy and Healthy Urban Farmer

I recently talked about how my daughter’s birth inspired me to change my lifestyle and lose 120 pounds. This is the story about how I did it, why I ended up gaining some of it back, and how and why I developed a more sustainable approach to healthy living. I don’t know how I can tell the story of how I got here without sharing details of my life that I normally wouldn’t disclose so […]


One of the Most Important Lessons I Learned From Mom

This is a story about how my mom taught me the value in helping others as a child after one of the largest tornadoes in history came through our neighborhood.

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