Leaffooted bug blog post

Insect Pest Control: How to Manage the Leaf-Footed Bug in Your Garden

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Leaf-footed bugs are approximately 1 inch long, some with a white zigzag pattern on their wings. They have long legs similar to a cricket with an oval shaped body. They are recognizable by their hind legs which look leaf-like. They have piercing mouthparts which probe into plants to suck their juices. This can cause discoloration and damage to the plants.

Opossums blog post

Critters: How Opossums (Possums) are Beneficial Garden Helpers!

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Opossums (or possums) are nocturnal creatures that are generally good and beneficial to have in your garden! They help to get rid of ticks, cockroaches, snakes (even venomous ones), slugs/snails, rats, mice, and insects. Opossums will generally stay away from your garden as they prefer plants that are starting to rot, so they can actually a benefit in your garden by cleaning up the rotting fruit or vegetables! Many people get intimidated when they hiss, […]

Snakes blog post

Critters: Why Snakes Help Your Garden and How to Encourage Them!

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There are many different types and sizes of snakes. These reptiles can be beneficial in your garden! They will happily help you with any rodent problem that you have in the garden or eat your slugs and snails. Most snakes aren’t poisonous. Quick tip to decipher between a poisonous snake and a harmless one is the shape of the head. Triangular heads are common among the poisonous snakes. Most garden snakes will be garter snakes and they are harmless to humans.