Winter 2015 – A Time to Learn & Prepare for Spring

2015 humbled me. We didn’t have nearly the results we wanted and I realized I had a lot more to learn about growing food. As a result, I dedicated the winter of 2015 to learning as much as I could. I stopped watching TV and replaced the time with reading gardening books and blogs. I watched hours of YouTube videos from One Yard Revolution, OSU’s Oklahoma Gardening, and anything else I could find. I joined a local Facebook group with over 3,500 people that share ideas and tips constantly and read every post. I found the You Bet Your Garden podcast and listened to episodes while driving. Gardening pretty much took over all of my spare time. 

In preparation for spring, we also began to build more of the “raised beds on legs” and covered more of the yard with cardboard where we knew we’d want more raised beds. The hoop house we built in the fall allowed us to harvest lettuce and spinach all winter and we were starting to see the benefits of growing our own food. We found that we ate many more salads than before when we had to rely on making trips to the grocery store to have it. 

We also spent a lot of time out in nature over the winter. We love to go camping at one of the local state parks as often as we can. I realized while out on a hike one day that the forest is the perfect place to study if I want to see how plants thrive without human interaction. This realization pushed me towards a different way of viewing gardening and in turn, I studied more about “natural” and sustainable growing methods such as Back to Eden.