Spring 2016

Up until the spring of 2016, we hadn’t spent much time trying to figure out how much we’d have to grow of each crop in order to sustain ourselves. We spent a lot of time researching and planning over the winter and had everything calculated and ready for the spring. We knew we weren’t quite at the point where we could grow all of our own food, but it was beginning to look feasible. All of the new raised beds we built required more soil so I spent a lot of time mixing ingredients to make our soil mix. This is when we figured out a much more efficient way to mix all of the ingredients together using a compost tumbler. Adding more gardens required me to become more efficient with my time so I began to think about other ways to manage all aspects of the garden and to be more efficient. We also added a rabbit to the mix so we could begin to produce more of our own fertilizer. Towards the end of the spring, we were beginning to harvest more food than we could handle and were starting to appreciate the benefits of all the work we’d put into the garden.