Fall 2015 – Learning From Summer & Preparing For Winter

We learned a lot of things over the summer but probably the most significant was that Bermuda grass can be a nightmare to deal with. We were tired of pulling it from the garden constantly and mowing/weeding around the beds had become a chore. We decided to address the problem by eliminating grass around the raised beds. To do this we turned to our old friend cardboard. We laid a thick sheet of cardboard everywhere around the raised beds and covered it with a 1 ft thick layer of wood chips. Over time this strategy has pretty much eliminated Bermuda grass from the raised beds. 

We also prepared to grow over the winter for the first time. We built a greenhouse for the 4 ft x 8 ft bed out of PVC pipe and clear plastic from a hardware store. We planted each row with a different type of lettuce or spinach and held the plastic in place with cheap spring clamps.