Summer 2015 Garden (& Family!) Expansion

We welcomed our 3rd daughter Marianne to the world in June and her appetite immediately informed us we needed to expand our garden! We built our first 4 ft x 8 ft bed that we planned to use for a fall crop of lettuce and spinach. Brooklyn and Daphney asked for their own garden so we built them a 3 ft x 3 ft garden and let them plant whatever they wanted. This has turned out to be one of my favorite places in the garden because it’s always filled with color and reminds me of them when they’re away.

We also built one of our “raised beds on legs” for the first time. The sun is farther south in the winter in the northern hemisphere and the fence casts a shadow over the raised beds on the ground. Elevating them a few feet off the ground allowed the plants to receive sunlight in the winter. By then gardening had hooked us and we knew we’d be expanding a lot more soon. It wasn’t going to be economical for us to keep buying wood at the rate we were going so we had to get creative. We started collecting scrap wood from houses that were being built around our neighborhood (always ask someone first), Craigslist, and any other source I could find.