Fall 2016 – New shaded gardens and improved compost bins

The summer also taught me that I needed to have raised beds that are shaded in the afternoon. It simply gets too hot for many plants to flower and produce food in my main garden area that gets full sun all day once July/August comes around. I measured the temperature difference between the shaded area to the east of my house and found it’s 20-30 degrees cooler there in the afternoon compared to the middle of the yard. In turn, I built two new raised beds along the house and along the shed with the hope that the cooler temperatures in the afternoon would allow me to have better success during those months next year.

I also decided it was time to rebuild my compost bin. My zip-tied palette approach worked fine, but I wanted to build something more sturdy that allowed me to change the height of the front. I decided to build it using the wood from shipping pallets I’d been gathering throughout the summer. I found that tearing the pallets apart is pretty easy once you have the right tools! I move everything from one bin to another every week or so and this made the process much easier! Here’s a video with all the details on our compost bin and we make compost!