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Smart Pots are fabric raised beds & containers that outperform standard containers. The sides allow air to come in, improving airflow, water drainage, and heat release properties. Simply unfold, fill with potting soil, and you’re ready to grow!

We were highly doubtful of all the benefits before we started using them ourselves and testing them in our backyard! They have outperformed our plants in pots as well as plants in our traditional raised beds. We’re a strong believer and use these as our primary growing spaces now in our backyard! Not only are they super easy to setup, but we can move them around when the weather is bad or we simply want to rearrange the garden. 

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Big Bag Beds

These circular beds are extremely universal for your garden space! You can plant pretty much anything in these beds including tomatoes, peppers, greens, brassicas, and herbs!

Big Bag Beds all come in your choice of purple or black!


Big Long Beds

Smart Pots Big Long Beds are a great option for along walls or fences!

This container comes divided up into sections to make planting easier (especially if you use square foot gardening!)! Our favorite way to use these is placing them against a wall or fence with a trellis. We plant peas, beans, squashes, and many varieties of greens in these beds!