Winter Gardening: The UItimate Guide to Success

Winter can be a challenging time for gardeners, but with the right planning and tools, you can still grow delicious, healthy food in the colder months. And with the From Seed to Spoon app, it’s even easier to navigate the winter gardening season. One key to success in winter gardening is choosing the right crops. Cold-hardy vegetables like spinach, kale, and carrots can handle the chill and continue to grow in the colder months. You […]

Katie Stagliano: Starting a Non-Profit, Katie’s Krops, at Only 9 Years Old! | Why We Grow Podcast #1 In this episode, we meet with Katie Stagliano the founder of Katie’s Krops. She has such a fantastic and inspiring story to share! Learn more about Katie’s Krops: Learn more about our free app and download at Follow us on social media! Save 15% on your order at with code SPOON15 Learn more about how to get started growing your own food in these blog posts! How to […]