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14 thoughts on “Enter To Win A Free Smart Pot! (Deadline Ends Sunday, May 6th!)!

  1. My favorite thing I’ve learned is that marigolds keep certain bugs away and I love how they look outlining a garden. They are happy plants!

  2. When seed starting, be sure to have enough light and the right type of light. You’ll avoid legging and weak seedlings.

  3. I rotate my chickens around my yard. Then I plant my vegetables where the chickens have pooped and scratched up the yard. Because then it is tilled and fertilized naturally. And I moved my chickens to the last place I had the garden to do it over again. It work great.

  4. I like the tip/trick of companion planting to help repel bugs and pests. I just planted my tomato plants with all sorts of herbs, such as basil, thyme, sage, and cilantro that are companion plants so hopefully that will help.

  5. Help the Monarch Butterfly by planting at least 20 milkweed plants in your garden each year. Harvest the seeds in the fall so you can replant again in the spring. This year I shared seedlings with eight of my neighbors to create a mini “milkweed corridor”. Milkweed is easy to grow and everyone enjoys watching the butterflies!

  6. My tip is: Never stop learning. Find some great resources like local gardening groups on Facebook, or *ahem* Seed to Spoon. Research, watch, and learn about your plants. Don’t be afraid to keep trying, we’ve all killed plants. But most of all, have fun!

  7. When trying to get rid of bermudagrass, cardboard is your friend. If I’m building a raised bed, I put one or more layers of cut-down cardboard boxes underneath the bed. We moved to a new house a couple of years ago, so I’ve also been reclaiming existing beds that had been overgrown with bermuda. For those, I’ve used more of a “lasagna garden” method — layers of cardboard and layers of organic stuff. The cardboard blocks the sunlight and acts as somewhat of a barrier (both of which slow down the bermuda). Plus when the cardboard eventually does break down, it adds good stuff to the soil.

  8. If you plan to use galvanized tubs for planting … dont get out the drill to make drain holes. Instead use your old fashion metal beer and soup can opener. Use the side with the pointy end. Attach it to the side of your tub and pull … a perfect drain hole. I put them on the side of the tub for better drainage.

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